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We are a
Green Business

At Pua Le`a, our mission is to operate as close to Zero Waste as possible. Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact, while also bringing something beautiful and empowering into the world. With a small team and a lean operation, we strive to make smart decisions that benefit people and planet.

Stained Tree

Saving Paper

We reduce our paper footprint by keeping invoices and bookings digital and choosing locally-owned printing services

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Sourcing Locally

Our flowers are sourced from New England farms through the Connecticut Flower Collective and ethically wildcrafted locally



100% of our floral event organic wastes ends up in a compost pile reducing landfill space and creating new soil over time

Yellow Flower

Planting Native Species

A portion of our revenue is dedicated to planting native plant species that support bees, butterflies & birds

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